Monday, November 14, 2005

إن شاء الله

It's very sad how the laziness and irresponsibility that is currently in full control of our culture could have a major influence on the way we understand religion. It is very sad how this could affect how others see our religion through us. We become like rusty tubes conveying the waters of heaven, however beautiful and pure the water is it becomes a poison to anyone drinking it.

A Hungarian friend of mine who was a trainee in Tunisia through AIESEC asked me to attend one of her fights with the AIESECers. She wasn't paid by her company as the company transferred her salary for some reason to the AIESEC bank account. The AIESECers manipulated her for a while and were trying to give her the money in the form of installments. Anyways, she took me with her to the AIESEC local committee president and the following dialogue took place.

"I'm trying my best to get you the money but the transfer is taking too long"
"Transfers are the same everywhere in the world, they are not supposed to take that long"
"I know, I aslo need the signature of the AIESEC finance vice president and she is in the South now"
"This is not my problem, it is yours and you should solve it"
"I contacted her and she'll be here on tuesday, you should thank me, I'm trying to help you"
"When will I get my salary?"
"Wednesday inshAllah"
"Don't say that word again"
"What? What word?"
"Everytime you say it nothing happens"
"I can't, it's my religion"
"In my country things happen without using this word, it's enough that you give a word"


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